Trades (On and Off Exchange)

Price List

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange has designed packages to suit all requirements. For full historical data, please purchase the Platinum package.
The payment plan is monthly.


Up to 5 requests


Up to 70 requests
195 ILS including VAT
50 USD (For Foreign clients)


Up to 1200 requests
390 ILS including VAT
100 USD (For Foreign clients)


780 ILS including VAT
200 USD (For Foreign clients)

The Trades product provides access to all daily and historical trading data related to trading on and off the exchange for all securities traded on the TASE. The data includes: transaction time, volumes in unit and currency, and price.

Benefits and Features

The trades product enables in-depth analysis of transactions in securities traded on and off the exchange, examination of trading strategies and simulations, daily analysis of transactions by volume, daily examination of transaction performance for control and operation needs and more.

The product is specifically designed for:

  1. Academic researchers in the field of finance
  2. Back offices – for control and operation needs
  3. Technology companies – for model building and more
  4. Prop and Algo traders 
  5. VWAP calculation

Data Fields

The following interfaces can be found in the Trades product:

Only data obtained from the Platinum package can be distributed or displayed. The other packages are for internal use only.


Transaction on floor data is updated at 24:00 Israel time. Off exchange trading data is updated at 20:00 Israel time. Data is for the end of the trading day.
Following is a link to the TASE trading schedule
Data in the product can be found starting from 2008.

The product includes daily and historical end-of-day data of the securities traded in the Tel-Aviv Continuous Trading system and trades that were executed off the stock exchange (OTC).

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