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The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange has designed packages to suit [all requirements] any need. For full historical data, please purchase the Platinum package.
The payment plan is monthly.


10 updates per minute Limited to 100 requests


2 updates per minute. Other services – unlimited
195 ILS including VAT
50 USD (For Foreign clients)


Up to 10 updates per minute. Other services – unlimited
390 ILS including VAT
100 USD (For Foreign clients)


20 updates per minute. Other services – unlimited
780 ILS including VAT
200 USD (For Foreign clients)
The Market Announcements feed enables quick and easy access to disclosures and announcements of TASE listed companies, and TASE notices, all from [the] TASE MAYA announcement system. This product includes: priority disclosures, Hebrew and English company reports (dual companies and companies that opted for English reporting), TASE notices, general assembly dates and expected dates of financial reports publication. See attach the MAYA Announcements feed disclaimer

Notwithstanding the aforesaid, please acknowledge the following matters:

  1. The Israeli Securities Law (hereafter – the “Securities Law”) requires entities whose shares are listed on the TASE (hereafter – the “Listed Entities”), other than Foreign Companies (see section 4 below), to publish their reports in the Hebrew language only. The complete and binding version of reports  submitted by Listed Entities is available in Hebrew at [link to MAYA website], which is the official reporting website of TASE (hereafter – the “Official Website”). 
  2. Accordingly, MAYA English does not contain all of the mandatory reports of the Listed Entities, but only those reports that some of the Listed Entities have elected, at their discretion, to publish in English. 
  3. The English translations of the reports of Listed Entities that are published on MAYA English are prepared by the Listed Entities independently, and they alone are responsible for the quality, integrity and accuracy of the translation. It is hereby emphasized that the binding version of the Listed Entities’ reports is exclusively the version published on the Official Website in Hebrew. It is further stressed that TASE does not compare the binding version in Hebrew against the translated English version.

The stated above does not apply to reports submitted  by companies whose securities are or will be listed on TASE under the provisions of Chapter E.3 of the Securities Law (hereafter – “Foreign Companies”), which pursuant to the Securities Law are allowed  to submit reports in the English language only. Those reports are published on MAYA English in the same manner and scope and on the same time as the publication on the Official Website.

Benefits and Features

The Market Announcements product allows a variety of players to respond quickly, in real time, to the main news in the market. This product enables the creation of reports -based trading strategies and historical data analysis based on company announcements.

The product is specifically designed for:

  1. Algo and Prop traders whose trading strategy is based on quick response to market news
  2. Economic press, information and trading systems for the capital market
  3. Researchers in the field of finance and corporations
  4. Back and middle offices for monitoring meeting dates and report publication dates

Data Fields

The following interfaces can be found in the Market Announcements product:

Only data obtained from the Platinum package can be distributed or displayed. The other packages are for internal use only.


Updates on the site are ongoing and updated throughout trading hours.
Following is a link to the TASE trading schedule

Data in the product can be found starting from 2008.

The product includes the following data: priority disclosures, Hebrew and English company notices (dual listed companies and companies that for English reporting TASE notices, expected dates for financial statements and assemblies.

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